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Guest Testimonials

"First time trying Burmese food this past weekend and I loved it. The food and service was great and I'll definitely be back sooner than later! Would highly recommend the tea leaf salad, Ono kaw swe, and the fried tilapia (sauce on the side unless you can REALLY handle the heat)."

Tiffany T.


"This is what you call - don't judge a book by its cover! When we initially arrived and parked, we were like wait... Are we at the right place...? But after stepping into the restaurant, we were greeted by the owner and felt at home! Delicious food in Colorado!! Before departing back to the DMV, we were looking for one final delicious meal and found this restaurant thanks to Yelp. It was not only delicious, but cost friendly! The owner was extremely excited to guide us through the menu and also was the chef himself! We ordered a wide array of menu items and everything was tasty and honestly portion size was quite generous as well. My friends and I really enjoyed our food experience and would definitely go back!"

Kevin A.


"I LOVE their food! We've been a few times in the past few months - that's how much we love this place. everything we've tried has been fantastic and the customer service is incredible. The food is ready quickly and fresh, and the staff are always super friendly. Cannot recommend this place more. Haven't had a dish I didn't enjoy."

Talisa D.